bbf8_littlebee2.gif (1417 bytes)We Currently Have Space Available for Infants and Toddlers. Hours of Operation is 6:00am to 6:00pm .Please call Mrs. Brenda @ 904-779-9548 for an interview.bbf8_littlebee1.gif (1420 bytes)

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                                             Lic.# L04DU0132

Little Bizzy Beez Home Day Care

Est.1997  Fully Licensed

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Located in Beautiful Jacksonville, Florida 



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 What is a Child Care Provider?

~We are much more Than Baby Sitters~

Child Care Pro-vi-der (child'Kar pro vid'er)n.
chef,baker,janitor,sock and shoe finder,coat buttoner,boot fitter,bottle washer,
grocery shopper,diaper changer,protector, dishwasher,nose wiper,
vegetable pusher,floor sweeper, waiter,story teller, playground attendant,PE teacher,
activity director,driver,zoo keeper,enspector,aerobics instructor, tutor, entertainer,theripist,
manager,derby instructer,performer,bookkeeper,self-esteem builder, teacher,helper,well wisher, nurse,traffic controller,noise controller,life saver, thinker,
problem solver,engeneer,designer,counselor,safety instructor,arbitrator,
creator, inventor, companion, musician, historian,technician,dietition,athlete,beautician,
fire marshal,analyst, artist,dentist,scientist,biologist, technologist, accountant, manicurist,
receprionist, environmentalist,pharmacist, hygienist,speech therapist,reader,builder,informer,composer,supervisor,aurthor,navigator,peacemaker,Friend.........

~professional child care Providers~

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