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~Bizzy Beez Yearly Closing Dates~


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Need to know what holidays fall on what date for each year check here:

United States Personal Management

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January 1

New Year’s Day

January 21

Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

February 18* open*

Washington’s Birthday

May 27

Memorial Day

June 3rd-7thth

Summer Vacation

July 4th

Independence Day & Vacation

September 3

Labor Day

October 14th *Open

Columbus Day

November 11 open

Veterans Day

Thursday & Friday, November 27th,28th,29th


Dec.23th thru , 27th

Christmas Vacation

This Page will be updated Yearly

Vacation dates are subject to change on yearly basis.

In an event that I might have to close early due to training, I will do my best to let you know in advance.

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