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The following forms must be completed upon enrollment, and returned to Mrs. Brenda: Brenda's Enrollment Form, DCF Enrollment Form, The last page of the Policy Handbook, Permission slips for the following; Swimming. All children Must Have an up to date Shot and physical form to be turned in upon enrollment.

~Hours of Operation~

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Monday~Friday 7:00am to 6:00pm.

I work on a ten hour work schedule Max, meaning that I give you 30 minutes before and after work. How you use your time is your business but, please be respectful to me and have your children picked up on time. Family time is very important to me. My work does not end after the children leave, I have continuing educational classes that I attend at night that your children will benefit from. Unlike Large Facilities, I do not have the helpers to help clean, and prepare for the following days. Thirteen to fourteen hour days can get very tiresome, and I still have to please my family. If extended care is needed on certain days feel free to discuss that with me to work something out.

Click the links at the top of this page to find more information on care provided for your children, also my contact information along with some forms.

I will hold a spot for a non refundable deposit of one full weeks tuition.


I charge one flat rate for infants and preschoolers. I will discuss this rate during the interview.

~Re-Space Availability~

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I will do interviews regardless of no spot available. At this time your name will be added to my waiting list. Parents will be contacted upon the age of said child that I have openings for. First come first serve basis. You would be surprised of how fast spots fill up here in Licensed Florida Home Child Care. We are only allowed so many children. There are Home Child Cares on every corner but, are they qualified?   You pay  for what you get.

~Contact Info~



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