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Infant Enrollment

I accept Infants - newborn and up.

Parents are responsible for all Diapers and Wipes. I request that parents supply pre-made formula bottles with the date and child's name adhered. I will supply infant cereal and food. At the time of enrollment, I will give you a Infant Feeding Food Program form to be filled out so that I can be re-embers through the Episcopal Child Care Food Program. Nursing Mothers; I will feed your baby your pumped milk, as long as it has been frozen and labeled with your child's name, date pumped and date expires. I only thaw breast milk in warm water, Never the microwave oven.

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When keeping infants, I am sure to see that they get a lot of stimulation by me doing the following: feeding, singing, rocking, playing mommy &  me games, and massages with baby lotion right before nap. The infants are never stuck in one place for very long, I feel that infants should be rotated often so they don't get tired and board.  If I am not nurturing them in my arms. I have them on the floor mat full of toys that have allot of different textures, stimulating colors, and some that make sounds. I never place babies on their tummies during nap time. I am very careful when it comes to taking care of the infants. I am terrified of SIDS in my childcare. Some of the things that I do, and you can do to help prevent SIDS is; no smoking during pregnancy, no drinking during pregnancy, never sleep with your infant, no bumper pads on the crib, no stuffed animals in the crib, Do place your baby at the foot of the crib to sleep on his/her back on a flat surface make sure to tuck the blanket around the crib mattress when tucking in your baby. To find out more on SIDS please visit CJ Foundation for SIDS.

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The types of infant toys I have are; large LakeShore crawl mats,floormat.JPG (13599 bytes) floor mobiles that are black,red & white.babymobile.JPG (12196 bytes) round floor sensory floor toy that I normally fill  full of different textures of balls. rr351_tn.jpg (3779 bytes) I have a set of Baby So Smart videos that I might put on during their play time. It plays Mozart music it has allot of stimulating colors in black, red, & white with constant movements of shapes, and faces.  ballpit.JPG (13595 bytes) I have exercisers, rattles, books, blocks, and allot more. I love teaching babies   how to use sign language. It enables them to effectively communicate their needs long before they can speak “proper” words. Signing also enables parents and babies to bond.  I also use Baby Einstein DVD's for signing it displays teachers verbally repeating a word while demonstrating the correlating sign. Children love seeing other children on television. It helps them connect to learn. The signs I will teach them will be Cup, bowl, eat, drink, pooh, water, mommy, daddy, Grammy, Pappy, ball, book, naptime.  Most children don't develop their verbal words until they are two, and still it is still kind of hard.


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When feeding your little one, I normally go by what the parents expect me to do. I will chart if you need a recording of his/her stay. When diapering, I change the infants frequently . Most soil their diapers often when nursing their mom. I will feed your baby your breast milk Pre-made bottles only. Parent Tip: most baby rashes are from a yeast infection, such a Step, Thrush, diaper rashes can accrue from juices, they cause the poohs to become acid. Never leave a baby in a soiled diaper their skin is very sensitive, therefore the babies contract the rash faster.  Plain Corn Starch absorbs moister it is great for rashes and it has no perfumes in it to burn the child.

This Schedule is a sample of what an infant would do on a daily basis, But please remember that babies have their own schedule. therefor I have to implement what I can through out the day.

  Infants  Daily Schedule
7:00am Arrival / Diaper Change
8:30am Breakfast=Bottle/Cereal/Baby Food
9:00am Small Motor Skills
     (grasping, reaching, holding, sensory toys)
9:30am Large Motor Skills
     (sitting, crawling, walking)
10:30am Diaper Change/ massage with lotion.
10:45am Morning Nap (depends on baby)
10:30am Tummy Time (learning to roll over, reaching)
11:30am Lunch= Bottle/Cereal/Baby Food
12:15pm Wash up/ Clean Up
12:25pm Diaper Change/ massage with lotion.
12:30pm Afternoon Nap (depends on Baby)
1:30pm Diaper Change/ massage with lotion.
1:45pm Group Play with older children (Listening skill/ alertness to surrounding)
2:00pm Rocking w/ teacher or swinging with Mozart or Baby Bach music. Talking with and Mocking babies coo’s
2:30pm Snack= Bottle/cereal/baby food
3:00pm Tummy Time (One on one with children, Name body parts using a finger puppet, move legs and arms)
3:30pm Diaper Change/ massage with lotion.
3:45pm Your baby Can Read Program
4:00pm Small Motor Skills
     (grasping, reaching, holding, sensory toys)
4:30pm Large Motor Skills
     (sitting, crawling, walking)
5:pm to 5:30 Diaper changes, and Pick up.