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~Toddler Care~

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~Developmental Milestones~

bbf8_honeypot1.gif (2698 bytes)Physical: I have the children to dance to music with scarves, bean bags, long streamers, these actives promote listening skills and movement. I offer outdoor climbers, swings, teeter totter, sit and bounce balls and a  large yard for running.

bbf8_honeypot1.gif (2698 bytes)Cognitive: I provide a variety of activities and opportunities that encourage curiosity, exploration, and problem solving.  Such as puzzles, patterning beads,  geometric shapes for patterning, sand & water play, painting, cooking etc...

bbf8_honeypot1.gif (2698 bytes)Communication: I feel strongly that communication is a very important tool between the child and provider.  I treat every child as if they where mine. They are told that they can come to me for anything. I offer support, love through verbal and nonverbal means.  I   get down to their eye level so that they know that I am listening. All little voices need to be heard.

bbf8_honeypot1.gif (2698 bytes)Creative: I strive to provide opportunities for the children to have a learning environment, so that they can explore and express their creative abilities. through science, art, cutting, gluing etc...

~ Early Learning Readiness ~

Education is very important to me, but so is being a child.  I teach the children the basics to help them learn to read by using the hooked on phonics program and reading to the children daily. The children will learn their colors, shapes, upper and lower case alphabet, Letter sounds ,how to count up to 20 using objects and how to write their names. I start educating the little ones at the age of  two and halve. By having a  home setting gives  the younger children a head start  to learn even sooner because they are in the same environment as the older ones when they are chanting their numbers and alphabet. I also teach some beginning sign language. I use a several programs to teach basic Spanish. Check out my Boca Beth page to order yours today.

Between the ages of one and five, Toddlers are learning everything through touch, smells, tastes, sounds, even by the children around them. They are learning through play.  I strive to provide age appropriate material for them to play & learn with.  Ask my referrals how advanced their children are, and see for yourself.

~Potty Training~

By the age of three most of the children have settled down enough to be potty trained, I start introducing the potty to them around eighteen months to two years of age. Most children bladder muscles are not developed enough to control their bladder. I will assist as long as the parents are showing effort.   All children that are being potty-trained must wear pull ups until they can stay dry all day.

Parent Tip: Set a timer for every 40 minutes (walk the child) to the potty and assist. If the child only pee-pees Great! PRAISE, PRAISE,PRAISE your child. Master the pee-pee first then the pooh will follow.

~Bad Behavior~

Most children at the age of two are still cutting teeth, and also trying to find their identity, therefore  this causes the child have different mood-swings, for an example; an one year old toddler might be cutting teeth which is causing the child pain, The child bangs his/her head on the headboard of the bed or bangs it on his/her highchair while eating. Why? because he/she is in much pain and the banging relieves it, kind of like " If I apply pain here the pain then moves on .  I know it sounds crazy but it is true.   A two year old might scream and throw tantrums for long periods of time, they also do some pinching, smacking, hitting and biting other children around them. Why? The biter might bite for a couple of reasons; teething, fear, struggle over a toy, and out of excitement.   It hitter might hit because the other child is in their space (too close) and the child doesn't like it, the hitter might want the other child's toy, and it could be an jealous issue. Change can also make a toddler act in such a manner, this sometimes worries the parents making them feel as if something is wrong. Things such as, moved to a new house, new sibling, parents separated or fussing where the child can hear, Parent working multiple jobs when before they were not, The children recognize absents of a parent, the child is becoming ill, not enough sleep etc....


Try to keep your little ones on a tight schedule, meaning the same routine everyday. Don't expect to much out of them " They are just very young children learning. Read to them 20 minutes a day even if it is the same favorite book, this helps them become better readers. Repetitive is the key. Always listen to them by repeating what they are asking. This lets them know that you are listening. And last but not least, give them lots of hugs to show that you love them.

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~Toddlers Daily Schedule~

This schedule is subject to change during the daily routine which cannot be helped.

7:00~8:00 Quiet Time / Video's / Free Play
8:30~9:30 Breakfast / Cleanup
9:30~10:00 Learn to Take Care of Our Selves (washing hands, brushing our teeth ext..
10:00~11:30 Playtime (indoor) Crafts, Sing along Songs (Motor Skills) Preschool Activities, Games,Small Manipulative
Computer time.
11:30~12:30 Lunch / Cleanup
12:30~1:00 Learn to Take Care of Our Selves (washing hands, brushing our teeth ext..
1:00~1:30 Story Time
1:30~3:00 Nap Time
3:00~3:30 Snack Time
3:30~5:30 Baby Sign Time, Boca Beth, Then Free Play (Inside or Out depending on the weather)
5:30 Parent's Pick Up. All parent's must have their child picked up on time!!   Late pick up requires you to phone ahead)  Stiff late fee will apply.
5:30~6:00 Scheduled Parent Conference and Late pick up.

Enroll your child today call Mrs. Brenda 904-779-9548

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