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Spanish for young children

Raise A Bilingual Child the Fun & Easy Way

You know you want your child to learn a second language, but you're not sure how, when or where to begin? Watch your baby, toddler and preschooler sing, dance and play as they learn Spanish with the BOCA BETH Language Learning Series. Teacher-created & classroom-tested we put the fun in your second language journey. Visit today to sample our music & movies for free!

Hola¡ Hello, 

I am Brenda Moran the Owner and Operater of The Moran Family Home Day Care, I want to tell you about a great educational tool you can use at home, school, or Day Care for your children.


A few years ago, I was introduced to an DVD called Boca Beth My Casa, I tried it out with my little ones, They absolutly loved it. Since then I have purchased most of the Boca Beth Products. What I love Most about her products is that the music is sung in both English and Spanish, repeatative for an example:

I Love My Family/Quiero Mi Familia.

I had no Spanish speaking children in my day care, But I do now. At the age of Two!   The children dance around singing Aquí, Aquí means Here Here y Allí, Allí means there there. Their little arms are just moving to the rythm, and they grin from ear to ear. I Play the music during Breakfast, Lunch during their free play time, and they  just fluster up with joy.  Here is one of Boca's Video's.

~Sample more of Boca Beth's Music by following the link ~


Don't forget To Purchase your Boca Puppet! Your children will just love it.

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