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Why is my child messy?

When You pick Up your child and He/She is wearing Paint on their clothing, Dirt on their Pants, Food on their new shirt, marker on their hands.

ccschool2.gif (14022 bytes)Most probably....

Your child has been

Creating a master piece,


Using thinking skills,

Doing Science,

Cooking & eating,

Most Likely....ccj10.gif (3518 bytes)

Making friends!


Having a Great time!

Having fun!

ccschoolread2.gif (3207 bytes)Probably Wasn't....


Didn't go hungry!

Didn't feel Lonely!



You Probably....ccschoolread3.gif (2684 bytes)

Worry that: I as a caregiver, I am not caring for your child.


ccschoolread4.gif (2559 bytes)I Infact ....

Fix Boo Boo's!

Comfort them when hurt!

Wipe Noses!

Toilet Train!

Let the children explore!

Let them try challenging tasks!

Encourage them to try different things!

Build self esteem!



ccj2a.gif (15427 bytes)Please....

If cleanliness is an issue with you, please bring your child/children in old clothing to play in.

We can get into some messy situations.

I wish that I could place all of there work on here but that is impossible.

Sorry :(

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