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As you know, little children are like busy bodies and like to stay active,
They are like little sponges ready to absorb anything thrown their way! 
So, I have developed a schedule to keep the children busy during their stay with me.

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Free Play:
Toy Room
(Check out Play Area's page)

Self Help:
Washing Hands,Brushing teeth.

Letters and Sounds,Simple three letter words.

Played through card games,Felt board activities,Puzzles, and patterning.

Primary Colors:
Recognizing through my monthly themes,Felt board activities,and games

Writing Skills:
Play Doh, Paper tearing, grasping small objects to help build muscle to use pencils, Coloring,ext.

Simple Computer Skills:
Working the Mouse & KeyBoard, Phonic program,Childrens Paint program, Fisher Price games,Star Fall early readers program.
(each child is limited to 20 mins per day on pc)

Learning Room:
Puzzles, Blocks, Crayons & Coloring Books, Play Doh, Painting, Art's and craft

Circle Time:
Listening skills, Music time, Exercize, Streamers, Scarf play, Parachute play!!!

Nap Time:
All children are provided with their own mat.
Story Time

The children get to explore their math & science skills by making home made play doh, write in shaving cream, paint ect.

Outdoor Play :
Check out my Play Area page!

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