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~Whats Buzzing in the Kitchen~

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I am a member of the (Childrens Nutrition Of Florida) Child Care Food Program.
I am dedicated in providing nutritious meals and snacks in a pattern that are appetizing for your child while in my care.

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              Here at Brenda's  Bizzy Beez Day Care children will learn good eating habits. I assure well-balanced meals that supply the kinds and amounts of food that children require to help meet their nutitious and energy needs .

                   I also follow the Food Pyramid that was adopted by the USDA and DHHS.
Using the pyamid helps respond to meet the Dietary Guidlines for Americans.

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   I do permit the children to have sweets on special occasions Birthdays,Holidays ect.  I Do Not let the children have sweets on a daily basis! Sweets are not accreditable with the Childrens Nutrition of Florida Program.Please let me know of any concerns that you may have in regards of sweets.

      The Child Care Nutrition Resource System website offers alot of great info regarding food.

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These Menu's rotate monthly throughout the year. notice the dates at the top.

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Brenda M 2/24/14